Foie Gras Halal Louis Septim

Louis Septim: an exclusive collection of gourmet dishes

You will find in our shop, dishes that bear the colors of France. Excellence, tradition, authenticity, rarity, modernity characterize Louis Septim.
Our customers are fans of haute cuisine, original or traditional flavors and lovers of France.
The gastronomic excellence Louis Septim, is available from 11 euros.

You are invited to discover a myriad of dishes exclusive, absolute, as our Supreme snails, pure happiness, or a lobster tartare ... exquisite! And many other wonders.

Our dishes are prepared and cooked exclusively in France, are vintage, like the great wines and bonifieront time.
Louis Septim also disrupts codes and ideas. Enjoy, for example, a large foie gras spring, summer or for an occasion: your party, the degree of your elder, visiting a friend, your rack ...
Finally, offer a dish of excellence Louis Septim is also insurance to please and leave a timeless gourmet souvenir.

Louis Septim invites you to experience a new and unique customer experience.
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